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Project List

1. The University of Lahore (1-KM Defence Road, Lahore)
2. Out fitters / Loft Commercial Pvt Limited (Opposite The University of Lahore 1-KM Defence Road, Lahore)
3. Gloria Jean's Café (DHA, Lahore)
4. Aqa Banquet Hall ( Gulshan-e- Ravi, Lahore)
5. Aqa Tower (Gulshan Ravi, Lahore)
6. Aqa Tower (Gulshan Ravi, Lahore)
7. Aks Jewellers (214-Y DHA Phase V, Lahore)
8. House No. 79-F (DHA Phase V, Lahore)
9. Grand Hotel (Bahria Town, Lahore)
10. Bilwal House (Bahria Town, Lahore)
11. Nisar Spinning Mills (Raiwind Road, Lahore)
12. K M Foods (Sundar Indsutrial Estate, Lahore)
13. Haroon Textile (Gujranwala)
14. New Way Department Store (Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore)
15. Awan-e- Iqbal (Lahore)
16. Parking Plaza Behria Town (Behria Town, Lahore
17. Plot # 34 (Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore)
18. Qazi Hospital (Mozang Road, Lahore)
19. Goshe-Shafa (Gulshan Ravi, Lahore)
20. Navel Farm House (Rawalpindi)
21. King Edward Medical University C/o Mayo Hospital (Lahore)
22. Mansoora Hospital (Multan Road, Lahore)
23. Umar Javed Sb (Plot No.51-E Behria Town, Lahore)
24. Outfitter Plaza (Gullberg, Lahore)
25. Madina Tower (224, Ferozpur Road Opposite Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore)
26. Azeem Akbar Sb (Plot No.47-B Behria Town, Lahore)
27. Getz Pharma (Quaid-e- Azam Industrial Estate, Lahore)
28. Ravi Logistics Pvt Limited (Chung Multan Road, Lahore)
29. Gulab Devi Hospital (Ferozpure Road, Lahore)
30. Advanced Pain Centre (Khokhar Chowk Johar Town, Lahore)
31. Saeed Sb (Pakpattan)
32. EWS Pvt Limited (DHA Phase V, Lahore)
33. Lawyer's & Lawyer's Consultant (9-G Gullberg, Lahore)
34. Saddique Khokhar Sb (Plot # 81 Sundar Estate, Lahore)
35. LRBT Eye Care Hospital (Multan Road, Lahore)
36. Paramount Pharmaceutical (36 Industrial Triangle, Kahuta Road, Islamabad)
37. Marriage Hall (Sheikhupura)
38. Army Mess (Near Girja Chowk Cantt, Lahore)
39. Trg Call Centre (7th Aitchison Street, 1KM Raiwind Road, Lahore)
40. Anwar-Ullah Khan (43-A/C Gullberg-II, Lahore)
41. Zahid Sb (Plot No.226 B Bahria Town, Lahore)
42. Al-Jannat Mall (Joray Pull Mugalpura, Lahore)
43. Specialist Hospital (62-New Lalazar Colony, Okara)
44. Al Rehman Plaza (Bahria Orchid Bahria Town, Lahore)
45. Khadijutul Kubra Family Trust Hospital (Opposite Iqbal High School GT Road, Gujranwala)
46. ICI Pakistan (32-KM Multan Road, Lahore)
47. Syed Mushtaq Karmani Sb (196-A Babar Block Bahria Town, Lahore)
48. Health Care Clinic (Gullberg-II Lahore)
49. Continental Hotel C/o Bin Roshan Organization (Plot No.31-J Johar Town, Lahore)
50. Rathore Hospital (Gujranwala)
51. Shahid Sb (Plot No. 14-B Bahria Town, Lahore)
52. 3-D Modeling (Khokhar Chowk Johar Town, Lahore)
53. Thir Hafeez Uni Dyeing Pvt Limited (665 Sundar Insutrial Estate, Lahore)
54. West Price Shopping Center (Super Market, Islamabad)
55. AL-Anab Flats (Mozang, Lahore)
56. Ravi View Hotel (Near Ravi Pull, Lahore)
57. Nab Headquarter (Islamabad)
58. Mr. Safdar Hussain (Plot No. 33 Commercial Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore)
59. GHI & Co. (Faisalabad)
60. Sir Engineering Pvt Limited (Kot Lakhpat, Lahore)